What is the Best Insurance BPO?

DaDa Services - Best Insurance BPO

Insurance BPO service is not just insurance data entry, it requires adequate insurance knowledge & agency system operational experience and processing accumulation. The best insurance BPO is your qualified service vendor never cares about they worked more than you know. It is about a relationship, not just service only.

Exactly Understand Client’s Workflow

The biggest concern of insurance outsourcing customers is whether the offshore team they delegated can really understand the client’s priority and properly handle the processing details. Some outsourcing company salespeople always make good promises but never let clients satisfy. A very simple phenomenon is whether your processors can strictly follow the procedures and can be experienced enough to make decisions accordingly so that they can avoid case-by-case confirmation.

Care about Client’s Business

When a team can understand the client’s core business, they will be able to take care of client transactions and policy management as their own business. They care about the polite and professional email wording delivered to insureds, they care about the transaction notifications timely received from carriers, they care about the cancellation/reinstatement notice handled on a daily basis, and they care about the broker fee in proposal matches a client’s purpose…

Long Term Partnership

An insurance outsourcing partnership relationship is just a company’s marriage. There are multiple benefits for both parties, but it will also cause many inconveniences when deciding to divorce. Then both parties should fall to establishing a long-term and mutual benefit relationship at the very beginning.

The best insurance BPO relationship is insurance agencies treating their outsourcing team as families and cornerstones. In a word, both parties help each other, trust each other and grow up together.

–Written by Michael Yang, President of DaDa Services LLC

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